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Welcome to Grace Gems Ltd.
Grace Gems Ltd. based in New York city for more than 20 years, is regarded as one of the unique source for fine and rare gemstones.The organisations mission statement has always been to develop and bring new and creative designs to the international markets with affordability and excitement.Our commitment lies in serving our customers with the utmost attention and respect as they are our reason for existence.

The first step taken is procuring the best raw material to make into stones from the vast regions of our planet & then cutting, polishing and processing them with the worlds most advanced technology and skilled craftsmen in our factories established in India,China and Thailand.

Moving ahead in the pipeline we try to bring our creations to life and achieve their ultimate goal of being with the top jewelry manufacturers and retailers of the world.Now we take the opportunity to invite you to our world of colorful gemstones and make you marvel in its beauty and mystique.Be Imaginative & Inspired Foremost.

 Browse Gem Stones Categories [12] - Categories
Beads [0] Briolettes [37]
Cabochons [62] Calibrated Stones [107]
Carvings [1] Close Outs [42]
Collector's Corner [68] Designer Section [375/1]
Mixed Lot [29] Pairs [214/1]
Preforms [0] Single Stones [301/1]

 Browse Gem Stones Varieties [1236] - Total Items
African Amethyst [111] Agate [0]
Alexandrite [0] Ametrine [0]
Andalusite [2] Apatite [0]
Aquamarine [51] Aventurine [0]
Bi-Color Tourmaline [3] Blue Chalcedony [4]
Blue Sapphire [0] Blue Tourmaline [0]
Blue Zircon [2] Brazilian Amethyst [3]
Canary Tourmaline [6] Chrome Diopside [3]
Chrome Tourmaline [12] Chrysoberyl [0]
Chrysophase [1] Citrine [148/1]
Color Change Garnet [4] Coral [0]
Demantoid Garnet [0] Diamond [0]
Emerald [29] Fancy Color Diamond [0]
Fluorite [0] Golden Beryl [4]
Green Amethyst [12] Green Beryl [1]
Green Blue Tourmaline [7] Green Gold [48]
Green Tourmaline [23] Heliodor [0]
Idocrase [29] Imperial Topaz [0]
Indicolite [9] Iolite [73]
Jasper [0] Kunzite [6]
Kyanite [0] Labradorite [0]
Lemon Quartz [1] London BT [9]
Mandarian Garnet [0] Mint Green Tourmaline [4]
Moldavite [0] Moonstone [0]
Morganite [5] Multi Sapphire [0]
Multi stone [0] Multi Tourmaline [0]
Mystic Topaz [12] Opal [0]
Orange Chalcedony [4] Others [0]
Paraiba Tourmaline [1] Pearl [0]
Peridot [110] Pink Amethyst [6]
Pink Sapphire [0] Pink Tourmaline [153/1]
Prehnite [0] Red Garnet [25]
Rhodochrosite [0] Rhodolite Garnet [15]
Rose Quartz [19] Rubellite [33]
Ruby [0] Rutile Quartz [2]
Sky BT [92] Smoky Quartz [13]
Spessartite [14] Sphalerite [0]
Sphene [0] Spinel [0]
Star Quartz Cat`s Eye [9] Sunstone [0]
Swiss BT [99] Tanzanite [3]
Tiger Eye [0] Tsavourite [1]
Turquoise [0] Whisky Quartz [0]
White Topaz [5] Yellow Beryl [5]
Yellow Beryl Cat`s Eye [5] Yellow Sapphire [0]
Yellow Tourmaline [0]